Complete list of Star Wars spinoffs, from the year 2043

Get ready for multiple Ackbar films.
Get ready for multiple Ackbar films.
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It is the year 2043. Lots of things have changed since 2018, when you are reading this. Nations have fallen. Nuclear missiles have been launched. AI is threatening a hostile takeover.

But one thing hasn’t changed: Disney is still releasing Star Wars spinoffs. You already know about the Han Solo movie, the Boba Fett movie, and the Obi-Wan movie. There is lots more to come. We have countless Star Wars TV shows, Star Wars video games, Star Wars reality shows, and of course, Star Wars films.

We only have time to send you one message from the future. We’re sending this, the complete list of Star Wars spinoffs as of 2043, for one reason: Disney must be stopped. We can deal with radiation poisoning and civilizational threat. But we cannot take one more spinoff. Please hel—


How it’s made: Sebulba’s podracer

Jango Fett Origins

Live At Jabba’s Palace with the Max Rebo Band

Bossk Baby

Cooking Light with Dexter Jettster

Slave I Episode III: Slave III

Rogue Two Hundred and Twenty One

Sarlacc Pit Digestion: The galaxy’s only 1,000-year reality show

Three Mandalorians and a Bantha

Cornelius Evazan: A Star Wars Story of the guy who got his arm cut off in the cantina on Tatooine

The Good, The Bad & The Unkar Plutt

Who Shot First? Fox News debates everything Star Wars

Pimp My Incom-FreiTek T-70 X-Wing

Kylo Ren’s Mask, The Animated Series

The Comedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise

Jek Tono Porkins: A Star Wars Story

The Rancor Tank with Mark Cuban Jr.

CSI: Corellia

Baby Watto

BBC x Star Wars—Planet Earth: The Wildlife of Kashyyyk (narrated by David Attenborough’s head)

Tastes of the Outer Rim: Blue milk cheese on Tatooine (and other galactic delicacies)

A Quarter Portion of My Heart

: Unkar Plutt’s Songs of Romance

Wheel of Bib Fortuna

Walker: Tusken Raider

Before He Was Admiral: Private Akbar

Before He Was Private: Akbar goes to high school

It’s a Tart!: In the kitchen with Admiral Akbar

Star Wars Episode XXX: Leave the kids at home

A Scarf For All Seasons: A Lando Calrissian story

Cute Ewoks, Season 18

Cute Porgs, Season 11

“Luke, you’ve got one on your tail!”: Celebs read the best vintage Star Wars quotes

Saw: Gerrera

Ebe E. Endocott’s Garage

How To Train Your Tauntaun

Canto Bight Valet

Harry Potter and the Order of the Jedi