You can now buy a real-life Iron Man suit—if you have Tony Stark money

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Gravity Industries is selling a jet suit powered by five micro-jet engines, two on each arm and one on the back. It can fly as high as 12,000 feet at speeds of up to 32 miles per hour. But you’ll need Tony Stark money to buy it: the suit costs $443,000. And there’s another catch. The partially 3D printed suit can only fly for three to four minutes (slightly longer in the cold, because cold air is denser).

Richard Browning, the inventor of the suit and founder of Gravity Industries, says he wasn’t inspired to make the suit by watching the Iron Man movie. The two suits were developed independently of each other; Browning made his version as a side project, to prove that humans can fly with engines attached to their bodies. But after seeing a Gravity prototype, the movie’s special effects team reached out to Browning to say they were amazed at the similarity between the two.

Now, Gravity Industries wants to commercialize its jet suit, and is offering it for sale at a London department store. And if you can’t afford to buy it, you can pay $39,000 to learn to fly it instead.