A teenager reportedly hacked Apple and stole tons of information

Not the only thing with holes in it.
Not the only thing with holes in it.
Image: Diego Corredor/MediaPunch/IPX
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For some, getting Apple gossip from the internet just isn’t enough.

A 16-year-old from Melbourne allegedly was able to hack into Apple’s private servers and retrieve over 90 GB of private information over time, Australian paper The Age reported today (Aug. 16.)

The teen, who can’t be named for legal reasons, managed to break through Apple’s security to access the company’s internal file systems over the course of a year. It’s unclear what information he accessed.

After bypassing security measures, he was able to tunnel in and download reams of information on the company. Apple eventually caught on, blocked his access, and alerted the FBI. He pleaded guilty to the criminal intrusion in an Australian court, and will be sentenced next month.

Australian police seized two of his computers last year, and found files and information on how he accessed servers in a folder called “hacky hack hack,” according to The Age. The boy was apparently a massive fan of the US electronics giant, and dreamed of working for the company one day.

Apple wasn’t immediately available to comment on the hack.

Although the teenager may be facing serious criminal charges for his actions, he’s now possibly one of the few people outside of Apple who might know what the company is actually working on these days.