In what must have made for a terrifying scene in the middle of the night, the team found the music blaring out from a loud speaker over an industrial premises down the road. While they’d initially found the woman’s claim “difficult to believe,” a spokesperson told the paper, “it sounded very eerie at that time of night. We appreciate that people living nearby would find it quite spooky.”

In fact, the music had been designed as an anti-trespassing measure, like a kind of siren to deter “opportunistic thieves.” The sound is activated by motion sensors, and supposed to be heard only on the estate itself, but it had accidentally been turned up so loud that it was audible even on neighboring roads.

As for the intruders, they were probably too small for larceny. Spiders had triggered the siren by crawling across the lenses of the cameras, sometimes resulting in the song playing for hours at a time. It’s since been turned down—so the itsy bitsy spiders can cavort to their hearts’ content, while their neighbors get some sleep.

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