The new iPad Pro doesn’t have a headphone jack

The next dimensions.
The next dimensions.
Image: Apple/ Screenshot
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Apple is hell-bent on removing the scourge of headphone jacks from the world.

In addition to nixing the port from its phones, the Cupertino-based tech company has now turned its reductionist attention to the iPad, which lost its headphone jack in the product’s newest iteration announced today (Oct. 30). Instead of a Lightning port and headphone jack, the new iPad Pro will only feature a USB-C port.

This means that if you want to listen to music on your iPad, you have to use Bluetooth headphones or buy yet another dongle to convert the USB-C port into a headphone jack. If you have an iPhone as well, you’ll have to carry two separate dongles for your wired headphones: a Lightning port-to-headphone jack for your iPhone and a USB-C-to-headphone jack for your new iPad.

Apple, a simple question: When are you going to have the courage to remove the headphone jack from your laptops?