Quartz’s vision for the future—a letter from our editor in chief and publisher

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Dear readers,

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on the most significant expansion of Quartz since our launch. Today, for the first time, you can access these new offerings: a new app for the Quartz community and a new membership program to deepen your relationship with us.

Quartz was founded as a guide to the new global economy, determined to do things differently and bring bracingly intelligent journalism to the next generation of business leaders. These past six years have been even more amazing than we hoped, and we’re endlessly grateful for your support and readership.

We’re now releasing the foundation for the years ahead, a platform that allows you to leave behind the shouting matches and echo chambers of social media to truly understand what’s happening with depth and clarity. It’s a way for business people to see what news other smart people are talking about, and engage in a civil discussion about it.

This new platform features two core elements that we hope you’ll join us for:

  • The Quartz app: a new way to talk about the news. You can download it here, and use it for free. We’ve believed from day one that our readers collectively know more about this new global economy than we do. So we’ve built the platform for you to see the expert views of other business people, and share your own. You’ll be joined by some of the top thinkers and doers in business, including tech investor Kai-Fu Lee, industry veterans Beth Comstock, Arianna Huffington, and Richard Branson, political scientist Ian Bremmer, and World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva. In addition to this hand-selected group of Quartz Pros, our editors will also curate the top news and ideas of the moment for you. Consider it your home for intelligent, nuanced conversation with leaders, subject matter experts, and curious minds like yourself. (And for the loyalists of the original Quartz app—you can find the same bite-sized, conversational news source under the new name of the Quartz Brief.) We’d like to thank Deloitte and Prudential, who are founding sponsors of this new platform.
  • Quartz membership: for turning change into competitive advantage. The Quartz membership is an education in the global economy that’s written to equip you to make more informed decisions at work, in your investments, and in life. Each week, we take you outside of the news cycle to provide analysis, context, and insider insight about one of the players or phenomena that’s upending global markets and rewriting the rules of business. You can read the first installment on our race toward a cashless future (and who wins and loses in it) today. The exclusive new content published every day is designed to deepen the expertise of leaders, and help those aspiring to leadership get ahead in their careers without stepping out of them. Membership—which costs $14.99 per month, or $99.99 for the first year as a special limited-time founding offer—also brings you the ability to engage directly with Quartz’s journalists via conference calls, and join events with other members. You can start a free 30-day trial here.

These new offerings should complement each other, allowing you to engage in a civil discussion with smart people about the news, and go deep to get a competitive advantage from understanding how to manage through change. Our parent company Uzabase operates a vibrant, successful news platform for business professionals called NewsPicks Japan—and we’ve drawn on what it has learned, in creating these new products for you.

Beyond them, what remains the same at Quartz is the excellent daily coverage by our newsroom of over 100 award-winning journalists; their global, obsessive approach to covering the world; the free, digital-first products you’ve grown to love including the Daily Brief and other emails; and our commitment to making intelligent and beautiful advertising that is additive rather than interruptive.

We believe ideas, distilled with expert perspective, are the fuel of innovation. We believe that rigorous journalism can drive human progress. But we also believe the way we get our news often fails us—it’s too often an echo chamber of anger and old arguments. We’re excited to try to change that, and hope that you’ll join us.

Kevin J. Delaney, editor in chief & CEO
Jay Lauf, publisher & CEO