Make work work for your employees

Make work work for your employees
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When it comes to work today, it isn’t working for your employees. They’re spending way too much time searching for information and clicking through multiple pages in applications to get things done. They’re annoyed and frustrated. And productivity is suffering as a result.

How is this possible? You’ve put in place tools to automate and streamline entire functions. You’ve implemented technologies that enable work and collaboration to happen anywhere, anytime on any device. Isn’t that enough?

Not anymore. Today’s employees want work to be as simple as their personal lives. They can order a car, a pizza or a latte with one click from their smartphone. Why does it take so long to complete an expense report? Or approve a request for time off?

Because enterprise apps have become too complicated.

Work Simpler

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make them easy again and make work work the way your employees want it to? What if you could guide employees through their day by intelligently delivering the personalized insights and tasks they need to get things done right to their phone, tablet, or PC so they didn’t have to sift through their inbox, search their calendar, or go six clicks deep into an enterprise application to execute a simple task?

Work Smarter

Well, thanks to a new breed of technologies, you can. They’re called intelligent digital workspaces. And beyond simply organizing work, you can use them to automate and optimize work and keep your employees happy and productive. With intelligent digital workspaces, you can pull together all the SaaS, web, and mobile apps your people prefer to use in one unified experience.

Leveraging innovative technologies such as machine learning alongside simplified workflows, you can organize work and deliver insights and task automation that enable your employees to be more efficient and productive.

Work Faster

And here’s where things get really cool. You can literally guide them through their days, using micro apps to surface personalized and relevant tasks from existing systems and automatically deliver them to any device, intranet, or collaboration tool along with contextual actions they can take to complete work faster and make better decisions.

So rather than opening an email with a request to approve a purchase order, then going to the app used to manage procurement, and working through ten screens to sign off on it, employees can open the task from their personal feed on whatever device they are using and with two clicks, be done with things, and move on.

With intelligent digital workspaces, you can tame the complexity of all the apps you’ve put in place to make things easy that have only made them worse. And your employees will love you for it.

Work Better

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. They drive innovation. They produce your products and deliver your services. And most important, they are the front line to your customers. Happy employees equal happy customers. Happy customers drive loyalty. And loyalty drives revenue.

In today’s tight labor market, the advantage will go to companies that recruit, develop, and engage employees better than the competition. Want to be among the winners? Create an intelligent digital workspace where your people can thrive.