These are the US national parks you can still visit during the shutdown

Turn down, for what?
Turn down, for what?
Image: NPS/Neal Herbert
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The US National Parks Service (NPS) offices are closed due to the federal government shutdown. However, while their staff may be furloughed, and their offices are inactive, many of the parks themselves remain partially opened. This typically means that access roads and trails are open, while comforts like campgrounds, restrooms, trash facilities, and restaurants are indefinitely shuttered.

Some state governments, like Utah, are funding the national parks located within their borders so that facilities stay open and attractions like Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park can continue to inspire onlookers. In any case, whether or not NPS’s parks are open, the agency’s API is still running. We’re keeping an eye on the current status of all the parks—details provided are based on the NPS alert system’s language.

So, if you’re keen to go on a hike during the government shutdown, remember: be safe, leave no trace, and, check out our list below before you go.