The knight who said “Ni!” is now an actual knight

That’s Sir Michael Palin to you.
That’s Sir Michael Palin to you.
Image: Reuters
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Monty Python star Michael Palin has been knighted—just not for the first time.

Palin, who made the UK’s 2019 New Year Honours list announced Friday (Dec. 28), appeared in the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He plays the leader of the “Knights who say ‘Ni!'” in a scene beloved for its silliness.

In the same movie, Palin also plays Sir Galahad the Pure, a knight on King Arthur’s quest whom Lancelot the Brave rescues (to Galahad’s chagrin) from a castle populated by young women.

Of course, Palin, now in his 70s, is being recognized for the things he’s done since those youthful days with Monty Python. As noted on the “New Year 2019 Diplomatic Service and Overseas List” (pdf), his knighthood is for international contributions to travel, culture, and geography following his second career as a travel writer and television presenter. Palin has written a number of travel books, and in his 10-part 1997 documentary series, Full Circle with Michael Palin, explored remote parts of the world.