Can you match these definitions of a border wall with the people who said them?

Are you my wall?
Are you my wall?
Image: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque
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As a partial government shutdown entered its second week, US president Donald Trump invited congressional leaders to a Jan. 2 White House briefing to discuss the border wall. The meeting—the first between Trump and leaders from both parties since the shutdown began—takes place just one day before Democrats are set to take control of the House.

In many ways, there has been an impasse over the border wall since Trump proposed it on the campaign trail. But as the Washington Post noted this week, what actually constitutes “a wall” is becoming increasingly amorphous. “I absolutely want to build a wall in the sense that the president has described it all throughout the campaign,” Iowa representative Steve King told the Post. But which sense sense is that?

See if you can tell who is talking about the border wall based on their description of it.