This is the attendee list for 2019. You might be looking for the 2020 Davos attendee list or our summary of it.

The global elite are descending on Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos this week. We used the full roster of attendees made public by the Forum to create the tool above.

The Forum separately said that 22% of attendees are women, compared to 21% last year. The oldest attendee is naturalist and narrator David Attenborough at 92 years old. The youngest is the 16-year-old photographer Skye Meaker from South Africa. The average age is 54 for men and 49 for women. Western Europe has the highest number of participants by region, with 1,159, according to the Forum.

As it goes with events of 3,000 people, there are some no-shows on the guest list. In perusing the attendees above you might come across some members of US president Trump’s cabinet: Steven Mnuchin, Mike Pompeo, Wilbur Ross, and Robert Lighthizer. Along with Trump aide Chris Liddell, none is actually attending. As the government shutdown in the US drags on, the White House canceled their trip.

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