Meet the new Quartz Pros: Benjamin J. Butler, Veda Cook, John Gerzema, Allyson Kapin, Stephane Kasriel

Quartz Pros March 2019
Quartz Pros March 2019
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Quartz recently launched an app for smart, constructive discussion about the news. We’re working to build that community and regularly adding new features based on how people are using it.

The app features Quartz Pros, some top thinkers and doers in business who have committed to sharing their takes on the news regularly. We’re expanding the group of Pros, and are excited to introduce you to the newest members of this hand-picked roster of leaders so that you can look out for them and follow them in the app.

Benjamin J. Butler

Benjamin J. Butler, founder, Emerging Future Institute—Benjamin is a futurist, writer, and speaker, and a member of the faculty of Futur/io, the European Institute of Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures. A former finance executive, he divides his time between Hong Kong, South Korea, the UK, and the US. 

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Veda Cook, founder, Pine—Veda founded Pine, which analyzes an organization’s document sources for applications such as search, legal discovery, internal investigations, and compliance. She established the nonprofit organization Factful to provide search and data analysis tools to investigative journalists and anti-corruption organizations. Veda earlier cofounded Metaweb Technologies, which developed Freebase and was acquired by Google. She also designed and created video games. Veda came out as transgender in 2017.

John Gerzema

John Gerzema, CEO, the Harris Poll—John leads the public opinion, market research, corporate, brand and reputation strategy firm. He was earlier chairman and CEO of BAV Consulting and chief insights officer of Young & Rubicam. John is chairman of the National Kidney Foundation, a distinguished fellow at Barnard College, and a board advisor to the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign.

Alysson Kapin

Allyson Kapin, founder of Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign—Allyson launched Women Who Tech and the Women Startup Challenge, aimed at disrupting a traditionally male-centric economy that has made it difficult for women to launch startups and raise capital. Her organization has funded startups On Second Thought, SoftSpot, SIRUM, Didimo, Timeless, Sampson Solutions, Vitrue Health, Solstice Energy Solutions, and more. She is also cofounder of Rad Campaign, an agency that builds applications and national campaigns to power fundraising and grassroots movements. Allyson sits on the League of Women Voters board of trustees.

Stephane Kasriel - CEO_Upwork

Stephane Kasriel, CEO, Upwork—Stephane in 2018 took Upwork, the largest freelancing website, public and was earlier senior vice president of engineering at the company. He is the author of Hire Fast & Build Things and co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the New Social Contract

You can follow any of these new Pros in the Quartz app by clicking on their names above. We’ll continue expanding the Pro roster in the coming months and will keep you updated as there are new members.