Can you succeed in managing a sovereign wealth fund?

Where the future holds?
Where the future holds?
Image: AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili
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Say someone gave you an extremely large amount of money to invest in the global economy to make long-term profits—where would you place your bet?

This is the question facing investment managers of sovereign wealth funds today. Each fund has its own set of needs, and creating the right strategy for long-term returns requires not only a sharp judgement of the global financial market, but a vision on how the state can sustain and amplify not only its wealth, but its geopolitical power.

It’s not an easy task. To give you a sense of the debates and dilemmas facing SWF managers, we’ve created a seven-question questionnaire. There are no wrong answers (well, there’s one); click ahead and find out what kind of fund manager you’d be.