All you need to become a sovereign-wealth-fund expert

All you need to become a sovereign-wealth-fund expert
Image: Michael George Haddad for Quartz
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The term “sovereign wealth fund” has only been in existence since 2005. In the 14 years since, their number has gone through the ceiling and their total assets have quadrupled. In short, there’s a lot to keep track of. Given some SWFs’ penchants for secrecy, that’s not always an easy task—here’s where to start.



Papers and reports

  • IE Sovereign Wealth Research publishes a deeply researched annual report on the sector. Here’s the 2017 edition; the 2018 version will launch later this month.
  • Invesco’s annual study has very detailed data.
  • Preqin publishes a yearly survey, which is available for a breezy $2,510.
  • Finally, most SWFs publish annual reports on their websites, and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds collates all its members’ reports here. Some are full of amazing data; others not so much.


The SWF world is not exactly all over Twitter, but some leading experts are:

  • Ashby Monk, executive director of Stanford University’s Global Projects Center.
  • Victoria Barbary, former director of the Sovereign Wealth Center in London and now director of strategy and comms at IFSWF. A font of knowledge.
  • Javier Capapé, director of IE Sovereign Wealth Research.

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