Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is breaking before it’s even out

How it’s supposed to look.
How it’s supposed to look.
Image: AP Photo/Kelvin Chan
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Samsung’s latest smartphone, the $2,000 Galaxy Fold, isn’t out yet—it’s set to be released on April 26—but it seems that the device it’s called “the future” is falling flat before it’s even hit customers’ hands.

Four review units of the Fold all experienced screen failures today (April 17). Devices given to The Verge, Bloomberg, and CNBC all appear to have had similar issues with half or more of the foldable screen failing after what the reporters have described as regular use:

Samsung told Quartz that the Fold is supposed to be durable enough to withstand being folded at least 200,000 times, which would equate to about 300 unfolds every day for two years. (The average person checks their phone between 80 and 300 times each day.)

While it’s unclear what’s behind the failures, in one case, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman pulled off a film over the device’s flexible display that Samsung said was not supposed to be removed. YouTuber Marques Brownlee also removed the film and apparently experienced the same issue. (Samsung told reviewers this some time after handing out devices.)

Samsung wasn’t immediately available to comment on the failures.

Quartz’s review unit still seems to be in working order, and we’re planning to have our review out in the coming days, but we’ll keep updating this story as it… unfolds.