A note to Quartz readers from the publisher

A note to Quartz readers from the publisher
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Dear Quartz readers,

We founded Quartz as a guide to the global economy for a new generation of business leaders. Over the past six and a half years, we have built a team of journalists that spans the globe and obsesses every day about bringing you the most important and interesting stories shaping the global economy, and doing it with a rigor and honesty that provides real value.

In a world often filled with noise over news, we believe our mission is more important than ever. Today we are asking those of you who value this mission help us continue to invest in what you’ve come to love about Quartz. And so today we are making unlimited access to all original reporting by Quartz’s journalists around the world exclusive to members. We’re adding a limit to the number of free articles that non-members can access each month. Quartz email newsletters and apps remain free.

We invite you to join Quartz Membership, not simply to support our work, but to gain access to these exclusive features and experiences:

  • Exclusive video interviews with Bill Gates and other business leaders
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  • Live gatherings with industry leaders and fellow members
  • Weekly conference calls with our editors and journalists, like this one on the race to dominate battery technology

We believe quality journalism is more essential than ever, and that serving more deeply the people like you who are shaping our future is more important than ever.

We’re eager to hear about your experiences with Quartz Membership and how you’d like to see the offering evolve—I’d be grateful if you send any feedback or ideas to

With gratitude for your support,

Jay Lauf
Publisher & CEO