The circumstances vary, but every organization—big or small, public or private, Fortune 500 or a startup—has dealt with a crisis. Whether it was a data breach, a failed product launch, or employee misconduct, these moments are critical inflection points. And how company leaders choose to respond could mean the difference between a strong recovery and a total disaster.

In collaboration with Brightline™, an initiative led by the Project Management Institute (PMI), Quartz Insights surveyed more than 1,200 leaders from organizations around the world in to reveal how companies prioritize change in these scenarios. Their experiences offer valuable insights for companies facing challenges of their own and for those that can benefit even without experiencing a crisis.

Agility is key to capitalizing on crisis mode to make sustained change. Our study found that the most successful organizations were able to learn from crisis situations by speeding up their decision-making and process timelines, adjusting priorities, and empowering employees at all levels, even after the crisis ended.

To learn more about these insights and how they can help your organization navigate a crisis and improve strategy, read the full report.