New data show where Facebook has (and hasn’t) made the shift to mobile

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Facebook now makes half (49%) of its advertising revenue from mobile apps. Three-quarters (74%) of its monthly active users access Facebook on their phones. But the company’s transition to mobile—from pretty much a standing start in 2012—hasn’t been even across the globe.

TechCrunch got its hands on new data that sheds light on where Facebook’s mobile push has been most successful. Our chart above shows the portion of monthly active users (MAUs) in each country who access Facebook on their phones at least once a month (mobile MAUs). Asia isn’t represented here because the data come from an annual report for Facebook’s advertisers in Europe and the Middle East.

The numbers aren’t bad. Still, Facebook clearly has a long way to go in some major markets like Turkey, where the transition to mobile significantly lags the worldwide average. In Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, the company says it has captured only about a third of mobile phone users, compared to half in the United Kingdom. (Facebook says the data are current as of June 2013.)