Disney’s giant turkey legs are a hit on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a good turkey leg?
Who doesn’t love a good turkey leg?
Image: Reuters/Patrick Smith
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Visitors at Disney theme parks are never at a loss for photos ops from live characters, to long lines, to fairy-tale castles. But one of the most popular moments shared at the parks has come as a bit of a surprise.

Disney’s gigantic 1.5 lb turkey legs are showing up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter with photos uploaded from parks in California and Florida where they are served.

According to a New York Times piece on the growing popularity of the fowl street food, approximately 2 million jumbo turkey legs were sold across six of Disney’s North American theme parks in 2013.

The article suggests that the social update boasting is at least partly the cause of guests’ growing consumption. Sales have increased 25 percent over the last three years.

Here are some of the best Instagram photos featuring the famous turkey legs that were uploaded over the holidays:

Uploads of turkey legs are usually accompanied with at least one other piece of Disney paraphernalia.

Many are taken in front of instantly recognizable sites like the iconic castle.

Tourists post photos of their turkey legs long after they’ve left the park.

While others capture the moment right before the first bite.

Disney taps into the turkey leg love to create additional revenue from hats, shirts, and magnets.

And unlike other rides at Disney, there is no height or age limit on this attraction.

The “happiest place on Earth” would be a lot less happy without turkey legs.

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