02 // WHY NOW?

These are the questions every founder should answer in their pitch to investors

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Aaron Levie is co-founder and CEO of the file-storage company Box, which serves 70% of the Fortune 500. He says that he completely flipped what Box promises its customers after conversations with investors. (Its marketing message now is a “disruptive model for what the future of enterprise software would look like.”)

In this members-only series, Levie guides viewers on the art of pitching investors. In the first video, he outlines unexpected places to pitch.  In this second video, he breaks down how he’s learned to appeal to those on the other side of the table, and the key questions he’s always prepared to answer. In the last episode of the series, he will explain how pitching evolves when your company goes public.

Members can also watch his full interview with Quartz editor in chief Kevin Delaney, as well as his thoughts on finding the optimal organizational structure for a business.