How to get employees to not only believe in your mission, but to act on it too

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Tina Sharkey co-founded Brandless with the goal of disrupting and democratizing access to consumer goods—by stripping products of their “brand.” Sharkey believes that, while it’s a company’s leaders who define its mission, it can only spread through employees’ actions. And for that to happen, says Sharkey, it’s critical for companies to “acknowledge the communities that they’re in.”

In this five-episode members-only series, Sharkey draws on her experience as a founder and an investor to offer tips on how to build a mission-driven company. In the first three episodes, Sharkey breaks down how to define your company’s purpose; hire for it; and build it into your company’s culture. In this fourth episode, she explains why leaders must pay attention to the surrounding physical community. In the last video, she details the role that consumers play.