Create a unified network

With the MetaFabric architecture from Juniper Networks, patchworks become whole cloth. A MetaFabric infrastructure comprehensively connects users with applications and services. Switches are optimized for every application, routers unite data centers of all types, software-defined networking (SDN) unlocks virtualization’s potential, firewalls give way to more adaptive security, and access to smart management tools and Juniper data center partners enables agility and innovation.

Establish optimal flexibility

A recent white paper implores IT professionals to trade tired tropes for these new truths: data centers are distributed, virtual and physical pieces are both essential, workload mobility is no panacea, and security must extend beyond the application to locations and platforms. This environment calls for a fully interconnected system. Simple to deploy and scale, open to integration and extensibility, and having the intelligence to deliver end-to-end analytics and adaptability, MetaFabric lets CIOs and IT managers truly leverage cloud technology.

“For the first time, MetaFabric will allow companies to operate multiple data centers–physical and virtual, private and cloud–as a single, flexible pool of network resources, providing tremendous levels of flexibility and efficiency, as enterprises and service providers shift towards an application-driven world,” said Rami Rahim, executive vice president of the Platform Systems Division at Juniper Networks.

Streamline processes

No longer must a new project flounder while managers try to connect disparate vendors, partners, testing environments, and network elements of varying modernity. MetaFabric slashes the time to value while raising its value over time. As silos disappear and fragments coalesce, the single pool of resources allows for a proactive network of the greatest possible visibility—and the lowest latency. Versatility improves, too–when open standards and a dynamic frame underpin the network, changes need not wait for various cycles to end or expensive downtime and architecture upgrades to occur.

MetaFabric Architecture offers opportunities to any organization exploring big data, virtualization, or cloud services–IT enterprises, financial firms, security agencies, and more. Whether the business has one data center or many, agility prevails and growth follows functionality. Data will not wait. From feature-rich silicon to orchestration at the top, MetaFabric is primed to deliver.

This article was produced on behalf of Juniper Networks by the Quartz marketing team and not by the Quartz editorial staff.

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