This Pakistani med student, CEO, and nonprofit head is the youngest guy at Davos

Looking for inspiration.
Looking for inspiration.
Image: Kevin J. Delaney
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Davos is known for hosting the world’s business and political elite during the annual meeting of of the World Economic Forum, drawing a “who’s who” of CEOs and prime ministers with a median age of 53 years old.

Then there’s Umar Anwar Jahangir.

The 21-year-old Pakistani medical student is this year’s youngest participant, according to a review of 2014 attendee list data. He’s here as part of a WEF group called Global Shapers, a network of young leaders globally contributing to their communities.

Jahangir interned at an ad agency when he was 13 and then began freelancing as a blogger and web designer, using the proceeds to pay for his schooling. In 2011, while studying at Bahria University Medical & Dental College in Karachi, he created Bahria Medics, a group of roughly 150 volunteer med students who organize blood collection, conduct health screenings, and distribute free drugs in Karachi. Jahangir also founded a job training company called Rumi Strategies and serves as its CEO.

The son of an administrator at the PTV television network, Jahangir thinks he’ll likely work in public health once he becomes a doctor. He’s already begun handing off responsibilities for Bahria Medics to other students so it will continue once he’s moved on from school.

The trip to Switzerland is Jahangir’s first outside of Pakistan. “I’m hoping to get inspired,” he told Quartz.

Here’s the full list of the 39 attendees under 30.