Don’t buy a brown Tesla

This could be yours, lucky buyer.
This could be yours, lucky buyer.
Image: ebay / listing
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If you’re going to buy a $75,000 Model S, it pays to avoid brown.

The color—only available with a special order after it was discontinued in 2014—was the most likely to be discounted among used Tesla vehicles analyzed by automotive research company On the used market, more than a quarter of brown Tesla’s were discounted at least 10% compared to the average Model S vehicle. That’s at least $5,155 less. One is selling for just $39,999.99.

Right behind it were shades of grey and green: about 7% of those models were discounted. But if you own a white, silver, and red Model S, you’re in luck. Those colors still command a slight premium. The data covers vehicles built between 2014 and 2016.

Correction: The chart refers to data for the Model S market, not the Model 3. This has been corrected.