Watch: Our call on Tesla’s new pickup truck

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Quartz tech editor Mike Murphy and reporter Michael Coren discuss Tesla’s strange-looking new pickup truck, dubbed the “Cybertruck.”

“It’s like something out of BladeRunner,” read one reader contribution on Quartz by product manager Andy Stewart, “and I want one.” Whether or not consumers more broadly share that sentiment, it’s clear why Tesla is interested in the market. One out of every six vehicles sold in the US is a pickup truck, and they account for roughly 80% of profits for North America’s auto industry.

Among the topics Mike and Michael discuss:

  • Whether pickup truck buyers want electric vehicles at all, much less this one
  • If the futuristic look is a plus or a minus
  • Why the Cybertruck is crucial for Tesla to maintain its growth
  • What Ford and other recent entrants into the electric vehicle market mean for Tesla’s future