Eikon’s ESG database tracks more than 7,000 global companies and over 400 metrics, including gender diversity breakdown at Executive, Management, and Employee level, collected and standardized by more than 150 experienced analysts to ensure data accuracy and comparability.

Those diversity breakdowns were pulled for all companies currently listed in the S&P 1200, for every year since 2009. The S&P Global 1200 is a free-float weighted stock index of global equities covering 31 countries and approximately 70% of global stock capitalization. 

In our visualization, countries are ordered by the greatest number of stocks represented in the S&P 1200 (e.g., an outsized 482 stocks are headquartered in the US, which is listed first). Country medians are only shown when that country has at least six stocks reporting on gender diversity that year. Because of this, while 36 countries/regions are listed in the S&P 1200, we only show data for the 19 most-represented countries, excluding South Korea (18th) and China (16th) due to limited reporting. 

Global figures encompass all 1,200 stocks and all 36 countries/regions listed in the S&P 1200.

For information on how Refinitiv calculates its Diversity and Inclusion Index, please see here

The latest available data was from Eikon as of November 20, 2019.

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