The Quartz Daily Obsession trivia: a treat for the curious mind

Trivia? Oh yeah!!
Trivia? Oh yeah!!
Image: Rene Macura/Ap Images for Kool-Aid
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How much do you really know about the world? As you gather with family and friends, and momentarily escape the news cycle this holiday season, it’s a perfect time to test your trivia chops. We’ve gleaned surprising facts and weird bits of intellectual flotsam from the past year of the Quartz Daily Obsession and created a trivia generator just for you. 

Producing the Daily Obsession requires us to sift through facts and statistics about everything from bananas to faraday cages, to tease out a deeper story. Trivia like the weight of the Kool-Aid Man, if he were real (11,000 pounds or 5,000 kilograms), or that in Iceland, myth has it that Jólakötturinn the Yule Cat will eat anyone who doesn’t get into the holiday spirit by putting on their finest clothing, pile up around us like snow drifts.

This trivia generator scans through the 247 emails we published this year, pulling out some of our favorite bits of information. Quiz your family, quiz your friends, have it ready to go on your mobile phone so you can pull it out of your pocket when the holiday togetherness gets to be too much.

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