The Corvid-19 quiz: Test your knowledge of the birds, not Covid-19

The sweetest attempted murder you’ve ever seen.
The sweetest attempted murder you’ve ever seen.
Image: Reuters/Peter Cziborra
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A friendly reminder that it’s spring here in the northern hemisphere. It’s been hard to remember because of Covid-19. But outside, trees are blossoming, and birds are out and about—including corvids, which have been unfairly brought into the world of global health all the sudden by the unfortunate single-letter difference in their name.

Corvids are a family of birds that includes crows, ravens, and magpies—and many are abundant this time of year. If you’re unable to go outside and see them this year, fear not—they’re around every year, and wonderfully unaware of any all-consuming events taking place in the human world.

Take a break from thinking about Covid-19 and test your knowledge on these incredible creatures with the following 19 questions.