Singapore is an almost perfect case for open borders

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Around the world. Politicians are clamoring to shut down their borders and tighten control in a wave of immigration reform. But the tiny island of Singapore—a rich, thriving, financial hub—has opened its doors to migrants.

Open borders is the idea that anyone should be able to move and work anywhere in the world. No country has truly open borders right now, but Singapore’s liberal migration policy is built on the same logic: that if you let workers in, your country benefits.

The small country of just 5.6 million people has almost a million low-skilled workers taking jobs Singaporeans don’t want to do and making more money than they would at home. It sounds great in theory, but it turns out there’s a catch.

In this episode of Quartz News, Pretti Varathan traveled to Singapore to understand why more countries aren’t following Singapore’s lead when it comes to immigration policy.

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