A fitness experts’ guide to avoiding injury while working out from home

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After weeks of being confined to our homes because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of our bodies are starting to feel a physical toll, whether that’s stiffness from not moving enough, or pain from moving in ways our bodies aren’t used to.

“We’re heading into that period of time where…a little nagging tightness that was in your hip from that run at the beginning might be manifesting [into] something a little bit bigger now,” says Chelsea Ortega, a physical therapist at Evolution Physical Therapy & Fitness in Los Angeles.

Fitness experts say the risk of injury shouldn’t keep us from moving. But it is a reason to structure our workout plan thoughtfully, and make sure we’ve got fundamental movements down before trying anything too strenuous.

One scientifically proven way to do this is through functional range conditioning—a training system focused on joint health.

The future of fitness, at least for the foreseeable future, is going to be at home. Watch the video above for an in-depth look at why it’s so important to structure home fitness routines around mobility training. We have experts show us how a few simple exercises can counteract the damage of quarantine, and prepare our bodies for any kind of workout.