Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci translates Trumpisms into truth on SNL

Rightly perplexed.
Rightly perplexed.
Image: Reuters/Tom Brenner
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When a few weeks ago one of the leaders of the White House coronavirus task force, Anthony Fauci, was asked who he would like to play him on Saturday Night Live, he answered “Brad Pitt.” The TV gods delivered, and one heartthrob portrayed another in a timely cold open of April 25th’s stay-at-home edition of SNL.

The skit came after Donald Trump’s dangerously theorized that ingesting disinfectants might cure Covid-19—making for perfect comedic material. Pitt-as-Fauci takes on Trump’s penchant for spreading misinformation, translating the president’s misleading or false claims into the truth.

Trump says we’ll have vaccines “relatively soon.” Pitt-as-Fauci says to that: “‘Relatively soon’ is an interesting phrase. Relative to the entire history of Earth? Sure! The vaccines are gonna come real fast. But if you were to tell a friend, ‘I will be over relatively soon,’ and then show up a year-and-a-half later, your friend may be…relatively pissed off.”