It’s not only Harris who has a hard time pronouncing Xi’s name, however. Pence, in a speech on China last year, also rendered Xi’s name somewhere between “zhee” and what it should have been. Trump, though, appears to go with the recommended “she”—perhaps due to having access to in-house Mandarin speakers.

Still, Harris’s slip was better than how current and former French presidents Emmanuel Macron and François Hollande have pronounced Xi’s name, with “x” likely even trickier for native French speakers.

Harris would understand the importance of getting name pronunciations right, though. In fact, she has a short video devoted specifically to teaching people how to say “Kamala.” And she can take comfort from probably the most unfortunate rendition of Xi’s name, when an Indian television anchor called the Chinese leader “Eleven Jinping,” confusing “Xi” with the Roman numerals XI. That anchor was fired for the mishap.

You can listen to a pronunciation of Xi Jinping here:

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