Where are the US presidential election votes still being counted?

Where are the US presidential election votes still being counted?
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As US states enter the fourth day of ballot counting, five still remain too close to call. In Nevada, Arizona (which some reputable sources have called and others haven’t), North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania it is still impossible to declare whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump is the winner.

As of 8:30am eastern standard time on Nov. 6, Georgia, with 98% votes reported, is the closest to finishing its count. Then there are North Carolina and Pennsylvania, which have reported 95% of votes so far. In Arizona, 90% of votes have been tallied, and Nevada is the furthest behind of the crucial states, with 89% votes tallied.

In Georgia, where poll workers have been working through the night, the votes still to be counted are concentrated in only six counties—Clayton (99%), Cobb (99%), Floyd (98%), Forsyth (99%), Gwynett (98%) and Taylor ( 96%).

In North Carolina, only about a dozen counties have reported fewer than 95% of votes. Orange county, with 81% votes reported, is the furthest behind.

In Nevada, half the counties have reported less than 90% of votes. Douglas county, with 81% reporting, is the furthest behind.

In Pennsylvania, most counties are nearly fully reported, with a couple lagging quite a lot further behind. Specifically, Armstrong county (68%), Crawford county (68%), and Greene county (52%).

In Arizona, only four of 15 counties have fully reported the results. Six counties have reported 90% or more of the votes, and the others are at around 85%. The furthest behind is Pinal county, having reported 81% votes so far.