Watch: PwC’s US Chairman Tim Ryan on better investments in employee L&D

The latest episode of Make Business Better livestream

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PwC’s US Chairman and Senior Partner Tim Ryan knows all about staying competitive. Overseeing 284K employees and counseling clients in the US and abroad for 25 years, he’s witnessed plenty of change, making him equipped to lead through the tumult of internal or industry-wide transformation.

In this episode of Make Business Better, Ryan joins Quartz CEO Zach Seward to discuss the evolving role of the CEO as a guiding light and source of stability for workplaces undergoing structural, technological, or social shifts.

Make Business Better: Quartz CEO Zach Seward in conversation with PwC Chairman Tim Ryan

The duo note the importance of investing in employee upskilling, in order to instill confidence and prepare them for whatever may come their way—even if it’s a bigger and better opportunity at another company.


Between the growing impact of automation and the remote work revolution to the rise of virtual medicine, autonomous vehicles, and digital currency, the next decade on the job—and off—could look very different from the last. (Sometimes Q4 is unrecognizable from Q1.) Learn how your company can future-proof employees for inevitable change through “citizen-led” education.

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