Watch: NYU B-school instructor Alison Taylor on embracing a better model of employee activism

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Employee activism is no longer limited to the traditional trade union. From 2015 to today, the corporate sphere has seen a vast increase in employee organization, from Microsoft’s workers asking to end the company’s contract with ICE to Google’s recent formation of a minority union. Employees are embracing old-school organizing in unconventional workplaces and new labor actions in legacy businesses.

Where some might see roadblocks to success, Alison Taylor, executive director of Ethical Systems, a part of NYU’s Stern School of Business, sees huge potential in this change.

As Gen Z activates on the Millennial ideals of corporate democracy and employee ownership, people managers have an opportunity to rebuild organizations in a truly inclusive light and thus stronger for all involved. In this episode, watch Taylor and Quartz CEO Zach Seward discuss the ways in which employee activism is imagining a radically different workplace, and why company leaders should be both backing and embracing this new age.

The next generation of employees is no longer satisfied with the empty promises of wokewashing or the belief that social accountability is not a business’ responsibility.


Join Taylor and Seward as they analyze how leaders can not only understand this dramatic amplification of the employee chorus, but work alongside it to empower everyone involved and create a more adaptable and inclusive workplace.

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