CNN: the sleeping giant of mobile news

They’re huge on little screens, apparently.
They’re huge on little screens, apparently.
Image: AP Photo / Diane Bondareff
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CNN’s ratings have been on a tear since its obsessive coverage of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. And traffic on its website is also soaring.

In fact, on the earnings call of the news network’s parent company this morning, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes pointed out that CNN clocked more mobile traffic than any other news website in the US last month.

CNN generated nearly 4 billion page views and 275 million video starts in March. That’s its biggest month ever for both metrics. In a world where consumers increasingly look to digital products for their news, CNN has a substantial lead on its cable news peers in cross-platform unique users, and actually has the largest number of monthly unique mobile users of any news service domestically, and we’re just getting started.

And the claim appears to check out. According to the analytics company comScore, CNN’s mobile traffic (from browsers, and excluding from apps) more than doubled in March from a year earlier, with the network attracting 68.5 million unique visitors. That’s way ahead of its cable rival Fox News, which is in 10th place for mobile traffic according to comScore, with 27.6 million mobile uniques in March. (On television, however, Fox News still attracts more than twice as many total viewers as CNN.)


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