Announcing the Quartz Obsession podcast, coming Oct. 12

Announcing the Quartz Obsession podcast, coming Oct. 12
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Good news—Quartz has a new podcast launching October 12.

As its name suggests, the podcast is an adaptation of the Weekly Obsession, our newsletter that offers a deep dive into fascinating histories of everyday ideas. Our new podcast does that, too, with the warmth and humor you’ve come to expect from Quartz.

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In many ways, it’s only natural that Quartz take this bold step into podcast space. We’re truly obsessed with helping you understand the world around you in ways that are surprising and digestible.

Our new podcast accomplishes that and then some. Each 20-minute episode features host Kira Bindrim in conversation with a member of our newsroom on a topic they can’t stop thinking about and how it relates to the global economy. Topics range from cash to CAPTCHA, from kudzu to randomness.

That newsroom I mentioned? It’s truly, truly global. We’ve spent the past few months making arrangements to record our reporters in Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Cairo, London, Dakar, Los Angeles, and New York. It’s made the production process an adventure, but more importantly, you can hear that range of perspectives in the podcast itself, adding richness to every narrative.

If you’re a longtime reader of the Weekly Obsession email, some of the topics might sound familiar. But the podcast episodes will explore different facets of the ideas and objects than were featured in the email. Take Japanese whisky, for example—while the email contains lots of great historical background that gets mentioned in the podcast, the episode focuses more on where most Japanese whisky comes from (not all from Japan!) and features an on-air whisky tasting.

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Prepare your ears. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.