23 companies powering the creator economy

23 companies powering the creator economy
Image: REUTERS/Issei Kato
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Creators—which encompass those monetizing their skills or content, such as influencers or writers or artists—are in the spotlight. The creator economy has exploded over the past year, accounting for more than 50 million creators and $1.5 billion in venture funding between January and June 2021.

While the top creators may reap six to eight figures in annual revenue, the average creator is earning much less. The median account on OnlyFans earns $180 per month, for example. That doesn’t mean the creator economy is irrelevant for aspiring creators. Money is money, after all—and earning extra cash on the side, especially if you’re passionate about the subject matter, is not a bad thing.

Today, creators aren’t limited to churning out content for giant social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch. There are a myriad of ways to launch and diversify your own content business; a patchwork of recurring income streams may offer more options than relying on one singular platform for ad revenue.

Here are some of the handiest tools for creators, whether they’re looking to launch their own business or ramp up their side hustle.

For creators with something to say

For those trying to make some serious cash

For those looking to connect with their fans

For those looking to organize their links