🍔 McDonald’s has a presence. The fast-food chain has four people on the official list.

🪑 IKEA, which has provided the furniture at the conference venue, also sent four delegates.

🛢 Big Oil registered; Shell and BP have multiple participants each.

💾 The CEO of Microsoft Denmark is on the list.

🤝 The World Economic Forum—which puts on its own internationally attractive event with a much smaller guest list—shows 22 people registered.

🛒 Three people are representing Walmart.

The nature of the conference also leads to some quirks in attendees’ listed associations.

🐟 Chris Lee, a state senator in Hawaii, is registered to attend as part of the New England Aquarium’s delegation. The Aquarium is about as far as you can get from Hawaii while still being in the US.

🧼 The only representative from Unilever is listed in the official delegation of Brazil.

🥤 Corporate delegations are often listed as attending as part of the cohort of “non-governmental organizations.” Pepsi’s, for example, has four listed attendees under three different organizations: US sustainability nonprofit Ceres, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

All listed COP26 climate conference participants

Explore the whole 28,000-person list yourself in our searchable database. Attendees are listed as they were by the organizers.

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