A new rock and roll anthem for the common man in India

A song for the common man.
A song for the common man.
Image: AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh
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First there was Mulayam Singh Yadav’s song, set to a Billy Joel classic, for the Samajwadi Party. Then Narendra Modi’s anthem anthem. Now Harpreet Singh, 28, a rock musician in Varanasi and  a volunteer with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has composed an original number for common man’s party.

Published on the Aam Aadmi Facebook page, it is called “Revolution—Arvind’s call to the nation.” 

With lyrics like ”this is not a party, this is a revolution,” the song characterizes Arvind Kejriwal as a man who confronts the heartbreaking problems of daily life in India. The message is that everyone needs to come together to battle corruption and insist on the prosecution of those guilty.

Decades of corruption/decades of crime and filth/decades of silence/but not anymore./The voice of the nation shall not be subdued any more/Who we are and what are we really fighting for/Get ready to face the demons amongst us and within us/The Revolution is here/Join if you believe.

The results of India’s general election will be released on May 16. Even if the Aam Aadmi Party doesn’t have a strong showing this time, faithful followers say the party is looking well beyond 2014—which means you could be hearing this song for a long time to come.