While NASA is aiming for human crews to visit the red planet for brief periods, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk want to colonize the planet. For that, long-term farming plans become all the more important.

Sticking to Martian conditions is key since greenhouses likely won’t survive. Plus, changing Mars’ atmosphere will demand hundreds of years of seeding its soil with oxygen-producing cyanobacteria, lichens, and microbes—and all that effort could still amount to nothing, as Mars lacks a magnetosphere (a magnetic field to shield the planet from solar radiation).

The Heinz Marz edition bottles won’t be lining grocery store shelves; they’re not for sale. But you can watch the research team and former NASA astronaut and ketchup aficionado Mike Massimino taste the final product on Nov. 10 at 10am US eastern time on Twitter and Instagram.

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