Updated: The results for all 543 seats are now known.

India’s election results are finally rolling in. Starting at 8 am IST and continuing throughout the day, we will update the Quartz Indian Elections 2014 dashboard based on Election Commission information on the results of India’s 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament.

The “magic number” is 272—the number of seats any party or allied group of parties needs to beat  to form a government. If no one party or group of allies hits that key figure when all the results are counted, expect a scramble as politicians call in favors and forge new allegiances in order to cross the 272 line.

The Election Commission reports both “leads” or projected winners for seats where certain parties appear to be leading, which are subject to change, and then final results for seats. Currently, this chart reflects a combinations of leads and final tallies. Results for the NDA and UPA party alliance leads will be initially compiled from media reports until a final tally is reported.

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