We’re taking down the paywall on QZ.com

Feel free to roam around.
Feel free to roam around.
Image: Cristina Spano for Quartz
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Dear Quartz readers,

We are excited to announce that we have lifted the paywall on QZ.com, and are making the vast majority of our journalism free for everyone to read.

The shift is part of Quartz’s mission to make business better. We exist to help business leaders and their companies use power wisely, act with compassion, create products that truly matter, and do what they can to fix a broken planet and economic order. Those goals are clearly better-fulfilled by making Quartz’s journalism as accessible as possible.

Starting today, you won’t encounter any paywalls on QZ.com articles, though we may ask you to register for free with an email address after repeated use.

Our 25,000 paying members will continue to receive exclusive access to two premium emails: the Quartz Weekend Brief, which sums up the past week, and The Forecast, which looks far ahead to emerging trends and industries. It’s a great way to augment your experience of Quartz and to fund high-quality business journalism with an important mission.

To celebrate today’s announcement, you can become a Quartz member today for just $50 for the first year. We hope you will consider joining our movement. Your support makes our journalism possible and now makes it accessible to as many people as possible.

At Quartz, we consider ourselves part of a global movement dedicated to making capitalism more fair and businesses more sustainable and inclusive. This movement is gathering speed and strength, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to help it grow.

To that end, we are also launching today The Guide to Making Business Better, where you can find resources on the hardest challenges facing mission-driven professionals, from defining transformative goals to building a truly inclusive workplace to becoming more flexible and resilient. You’ll find shortcuts to our most powerful reporting on the global problems businesses need to help solve, as well as the companies, people, and industries making progress on them. Over time, we’ll collect many more ideas, experiments, and solutions that you can put to work in your own organization.

All of that is possible because of the support of our members. Join us today for just $50 for the first year, or just start by enjoying our journalism for free as a reader of the Quartz Daily Brief. Either way, thanks for helping to further our mission, and thanks for reading Quartz!

Zach Seward
Co-founder and CEO