Watch “The Next Billion,” our forum about the internet in the developing world, live from Seattle

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Today (June 2), Quartz is holding the second in its series of “Next Billion” conferences. You can watch a livestream of the whole event above (or if that isn’t working, try this link), starting at 9:30am US Pacific Time.

When we launched Quartz near the end of 2012 the online population of the world was expected to double by 2016, and we’ve been obsessed since our very first day with how the next billion online users (and the next billion after them), who are coming online mostly in emerging markets and via mobile devices, are changing the nature of the internet and the businesses that grow on it.

Our second conference, in the Seattle Art Museum, will focus on some of the technologies and strategies that will help companies and people around the globe navigate this increasingly connected world, and the speakers include leading entrepreneurs from all over the planet.

You can see the program of speakers here. (All times US Pacific Time.)