Perfume: The strangest supply chain

Perfume: The strangest supply chain
Image: Eric Helgas, styling by Alex Citrin-Safadi
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Shipping snafus have hit everything from Pelotons to paper towels, and they’re also coming for perfume. From Chanel No. 5’s secret recipe to the modern proliferation of DIY scents, this global industry has supply chains as delicate as the scents captured in its tiny bottles. How does perfume adapt to a changing world?

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Kira Bindrim is the host of the Quartz Obsession podcast. She is an executive editor who works on global newsroom coverage and email products. She is obsessed with reading and reality TV.

Aurora Almendral is a senior reporter at Quartz, covering climate and supply chains. She is obsessed with obscure historical facts, gibbons in the wild, and textile art.

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