Inflation: The price isn’t right

Inflation: The price isn’t right
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Prices for goods, from furniture to meat, have been steadily rising for months. It’s the most obvious symptom of inflation, which is when money buys less than it used to. But there’s no need to panic: This is far from the first time inflation has come for consumers’ purchasing power. The question is, how do you make it stop?

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Kira Bindrim is the host of the Quartz Obsession podcast. She is an executive editor who works on global newsroom coverage and email products. She is obsessed with reading and reality TV.

Heather Landy is an executive editor at Quartz. She is obsessed with ‘80s music, the changing workplace, and the evolving financial system.

Show notes

Consumer price index (CPI), one way to measure inflation in the US based on how important certain items are to consumers

Personal consumption expenditures (PCE), another way to mention inflation in the US. This is the number the Fed is trying to keep to 2%.


Zimbabwe and Venezuela use the US dollar to combat hyperinflation


Where 2% inflation came from


The Fed bought bonds to keep things afloat during covid, and is now selling them off to cool the economy

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