The jobs, and the pay raises, are in warehousing and storage

Meanwhile, wage growth for workers in the transportation and warehousing industry is in the double digits, showing that employers are raising wages to attract and retain people. It’s hard to see Amazon laying off its fulfillment workers, as it’s not an easy job. Turnover rates at Amazon can top 100%. For Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, worker turnover is baked into the employment equation; in his view warehouse jobs do not need extensive training, so the company can hire and lose workers in a constant cycle, reported the New York Times.

There’s no guarantee that the growth in fulfillment jobs will continue in the same direction for much longer. For now though, the strong demand for transportation and warehousing workers fulfilling our shopping needs is a bullish sign for the overall US economy. In June, the US labor market added 370,000 jobs, at a time when recession fears are growing and with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to bring inflation under control.

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