Large portions of New York City are still without electricity after Hurricane Sandy, including most of Manhattan below 34th Street, and it may take several more days for power to be restored.

Earlier this year, researchers at Columbia University published this interactive block-by-block map of energy usage in the city. (Tap on the link if you’re using a mobile device; if you’re on a laptop or desktop computer, you can zoom and click on the map above.) As you can see, the area of Lower Manhattan that’s currently in the dark includes some of the city’s highest-power-consuming neighborhoods: Midtown South, the Flatiron, SoHo (where Quartz is headquartered), and—most of all—the Financial District.

The map includes energy consumption in the form of electricity, gas, oil, and steam. Only electricity is out in parts of New York City, but other energy usage is likely down, as well, since offices in the affected areas remain mostly closed. Learn more about the map here.