Alibaba is worth 563 Dreamliners and more than two Bill Gates

But where would you park 563 of them?
But where would you park 563 of them?
Image: Reuters/Robert Sorbo
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The Chinese internet giant Alibaba’s opening share price of $68 a share gives the Chinese e-commerce company an initial market value of $167.6 billion, larger than Boeing or Walt Disney. It may be worth a lot more than that after the stock starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange, where floor traders tell Quartz that a very strong opening could push the stock to $88 a share or higher.

Here are a few things that are worth approximately as much as Alibaba, based on the initial pricing:

  • Seven major billionaires: The Waltons, plus Russia’s richest man. The combined wealth of the six members of the Walton family who control Walmart is $149 billion, while the steel and tech titan Alisher Usmanov is worth $19 billion, according to Forbes latest billionaires list.
  • The gross domestic product of Vietnam.
  • A huge fleet of Dreamliners: 563, to be exact. The 787-10, Boeing’s longest Dreamliner, costs $297.5 million.
  • The combined 2013 defense spending of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. The Middle East spent $142 billion on defense last year, according to SIPRI, and Sub-Saharan Africa spent $18.7 billion.
  • A fifth of the US’s credit card debt. Americans owe $880.5 billion on credit cards.
  • More than two Bill Gates. America’s richest man’s fortune is estimated at $70 billion.