This US airline could serve you cricket protein bars and mushroom tea

It gets better.
It gets better.
Image: Creative Commons/Banzai Hiroaki
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US airline JetBlue, which has turned its selection of on-board snacks (and its homey presentation of them) into a competitive advantage, has formed a partnership with AccelFoods, an eclectic, New York-based incubator of sorts that helps startup packaged food companies gain some traction.

The deal could bring some interesting items to JetBlue’s already diverse snack choices, on flights between New York and Los Angeles, starting in 2015. While the actual lineup has yet to be announced, the current roster of items supported by AccelFoods suggests that travelers could be served items like cricket protein bars, mushroom tea, meal replacement energy drinks, and Cocomels—organic, vegan, coconut caramels.

AccelFoods brings four food startups on board every six months and provides them with mentorship, resources, and funding. The firm has been showcasing its snacks this week in a two-day event, which ends Thursday, at JetBlue’s terminal at New York’s John. F. Kennedy International Airport.